Phở (GF)

Pho with beef

Served with made-from-scratch bone broth, a plentiful helping of rice noodles, white and green onions, and all the toppings on the side: cilantro, Thai basil, bean sprouts, lime, and jalapeños.

Beef, chicken, or tofu

– $15.49


– $15.99

Rice Bowls

Chicken Rice Bowl

Every bowl comes with white rice, green onions, pickled carrots and daikon, and a protein marinated in a scrumptious sauce (that can be made spicy)!

Beef (10oz/bowl)

– $15.49

Salmon (8+/bowl)

– at market value

Tofu (V) (12oz/bowl)

– $14.65

Chicken (10oz/bowl)

– $15.99

20″ Banh Mi

20″ Banh Mi with beef

20” baguette sandwich filled with marinated protein (spicy or mild), pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, jalapeños (optional), cucumber, and a special mayo.

Beef, chicken, or cured pork

– $19.89

Noodle Bowl

Noodle Bowl

Rice noodles tossed in an original sauce topped with green onions, cured BBQ pork, and cured sweet sausage.

– $13.49


Crab Rangoons

White Rice

– $4.00

BBQ Pork Bun Bao

– $2.49

7pcs Shrimp & Pork Dumplings w/ Sweet Sauce

– $7.25

8pcs Chicken or Pork Pot Stickers


5pcs REAL Crab Rangoons

– $7.50

2pcs Pork Egg Rolls

– $5.89


Water – $0.50

Specialty Sodas – $2.50

Available Discounts

Veteran, Military, First Responder, and Missionary

GF – Gluten Free

V – Vegetarian

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